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I am a thirtysomething wife and work at home mom of an enthusiastic, wonderful two year old son and a beautiful baby boy. You could also say I'm a bit of a "creative junkie." My biggest creative outlet is that of photographer. However, I am also a blog nut. After months of searching the web, trying to find cute and unique blog backgrounds (and ones that wouldn't erase any of my sidebar elements), I finally figured out how to create them myself. I wanted to "share the love." So, during the Christmas season, I decided to make this little website so that my friends and family could also use the backgrounds that I had made. It's sort of just spread from there. I love doing it! (It's always nice to have another creative outlet and way to give service.) It's totally free - no strings attached. Seriously! If you do decide to use any of them, I'd love for you to comment about what you think! (Commenting helps me know what the general public prefers and which directions to take my future creations.) Thanks! Loves! Cristi :)

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Monday, October 26, 2009

A CCC - Cristi's Creations Contest!!

With nearly 23,000 hits to my site in less than a year, and with Thanksgiving and the Holidays coming up, I decided it was about time that I do my very first ever blog giveaway! As for the prize, I thought it would be appropriate that you win something that I have made, since this is, after all, Cristi's Creations. However, I am not a very crafty girl - like so many others out there in cyberspace. Pretty much the only things that I can do (besides creating blog backgrounds) are take pictures and sing (and I'm only amateurish at those). So, if you win, you will have to be stuck with something created by yours truly as your prize. You have been warned. Now enter at your own risk ...

Here's how it works: You will receive one entry simply for leaving your name in a comment here. A second entry will be received by looking through the following 10 backgrounds and telling me which is your favorite that I have created so far. A third entry for mentioning this giveaway on your own blog. And a fourth entry if you actually use one of my backgrounds and then let me know (include a link so I can see).

Four ways to enter, four ways to win!

Tell me which of the following backgrounds you like best:

Option 1 - "Easy Breezy"

Option 2: "Sun Porch"

Option 3: "Zebra"

Option 4: "Floral Smoothie"

Option 5: "Seaside"

Option 6: "Little Garden"

Option 7: "Cristi's Photography"

Option 8: "Sweet Rainbow"

Option 9: "Just Breath"

Option 10: "Top of the World"

Or feel free to peruse my designs and tell me your very own favorite, even if it's not posted here as one of the 10 to choose from.

Now ...

The prize: an 8x12 digital fine art print of your choice (from the following 7 images taken by moi)

OR ... the following CD that I had the opportunity to record a solo on a few years back:

OR ... if none of these prizes suit you, I can surely think up something else that you WILL like! So play anyway! :)

You will have until next Monday, November 2nd to enter. That gives you only ONE WEEK. On your mark, get set, play!

Give Thanks (For Fall)!

I know it might seem odd for me to be adding some Thanksgiving backgrounds before Halloween is even over. But some folks don't like Halloween as much and many of these can be used for general autumn as well. Also, I have to create while I can, now that I have a baby! These were actually made while Leo was attached to me ... thanks to the Moby wrap! (One of the best inventions ever, in my opinion!) So ... if you're looking for Halloween bg's, you can check out my two posts below this one. But if you're wanting Thanksgiving, I now present to you ... the Give Thanks collection :)













Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween, Round 2









Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Haunting!

Like I said before, if I don't make backgrounds now, while Leo is still in the hospital, I may never get to them! So even though it's still the beginning of the month, I decided to go ahead and make a few Halloween-ies, since it's one of my favorite holidays to decorate for! Now, off to bed so I can get up early and go see my baby! :)

PS - can I tell you how HAPPY I am that PURPLE is now a Halloween color?! I don't recall when or who decided to officially add it, but my hat goes off to that person! ;)