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I am a thirtysomething wife and work at home mom of an enthusiastic, wonderful two year old son and a beautiful baby boy. You could also say I'm a bit of a "creative junkie." My biggest creative outlet is that of photographer. However, I am also a blog nut. After months of searching the web, trying to find cute and unique blog backgrounds (and ones that wouldn't erase any of my sidebar elements), I finally figured out how to create them myself. I wanted to "share the love." So, during the Christmas season, I decided to make this little website so that my friends and family could also use the backgrounds that I had made. It's sort of just spread from there. I love doing it! (It's always nice to have another creative outlet and way to give service.) It's totally free - no strings attached. Seriously! If you do decide to use any of them, I'd love for you to comment about what you think! (Commenting helps me know what the general public prefers and which directions to take my future creations.) Thanks! Loves! Cristi :)

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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful SUMMER!

I apologize that it's been so long since I've created any backgrounds. I'll be honest. We've had a rough couple of weeks. My husband and I are currently working on an international adoption that is going painfully slow. And this week we had a pretty large set back. It's taking so long to bring our little boy home. So, if those of you using my backgrounds or who happen to stumble upon this page wouldn't mind throwing up a couple of extra prayers, we wouldn't object :)

On a much brighter note, summer time is finally here! YAY! The neighborhood children are out playing and laughing, sno-cones are the treat of choice, the birds are chirping and the sun is shining!

In honor of the season, please enjoy these creations, inspired by Summer at summertime designs (her latest kit - easy breezy)

And thanks for all the support and comments. It's been so fun to see people using what I have created!

Cristi :)











Jana's Family said...

I LOVE these. Thanks so much! I have been waiting patiently, but know you have been busy

Dave and Julie Neal said...

Luv you guys Cristi! and luv the new layouts!

Lisa Marie said...

I was just goofing off in Google Reader and noticed you have 79 people who subscribe to this blog. Way to go!

Prilla said...

I just found your blog off of a friend's blog. Love your designs. It was hard to choose. I went with the "Summer Fun" one for right now. Thanks a bunch!

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Tanya said...

I picked out http://i39.tinypic.com/5fptvn.jpg. Thank you so much. I also linked back to you on my blog.